CAP Series

The CAP-ENV features a reinforced environmentally sealed door design while also providing the largest visually clear infrared (IR) transmissive viewing area available on the market today.

VP Series

An evolutionary step in infrared (IR) windows, the VPT Series utilizes our exclusive Poly-View System™ technology to allow the use of any thermography camera to monitor energized electrical equipment.

FlexIR Custom Solutions

Enhance your Condition-Based Reliability program by replacing current panelboards, switchboards or switchgear with IRISS UL Listed custom panels containing maintenance inspection windows.

E Sentry Systems

Implementing the E-Sentry intelligent asset management system allows you to record all historical data from inspections and upload to the cloud for reference in condition trending, providing the oversight to predict when assets may require maintenance.

Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions

The Safe-Connect product line from IRISS offers the advantage of thermochromic science for visual indication of asset health providing 24/7 safety monitoring to give a predictive warning on overheated equipment.

SMART Training

The Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies® offers online training and certifications that provide you with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to complete electrical inspections safely and efficiently.

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