An infrared (IR) inspection of electrical distribution systems are the same whether they are on a ship at sea, on a ship in port, or in a building. The main difference is that if a critical component fails within a building it can be replaced far more easily than if it was on a ship at sea…

This is why it is critical to make sure that the electrical systems in a ship are in A1 condition before the ship leaves port. It is imperative to inspect these systems regularly at sea during their day-to-day operations to find and rectify any developing faults before a breakdown occurs.

Because of this critical demand, IRISS has strived to fill that need. As such IRISS has become the only company to hold the DNV certification awarded for Marine and Offshore Applications. This allows preventative maintenance on electrical equipment in vertical markets covering rules for ships, cruise liners, tankers, and offshore oil rigs.

Electrical systems are amongst the most critical areas on board ship.

An important consideration while completing IR inspections at sea is that a ship pitches and rolls and as such is not a stable platform from which to work. This is an extremely hazardous environment and full precautions must be taken. Electrical cabinets should not be opened when energized. IRISS IR windows are recommended to ensure stability of your electrical installations, safety of personnel and effective thermographic inspections on fully energized equipment.

The main restriction to any IR inspection is safe access to the energized components that you wish to inspect. IRISS IR windows are the most robust systems available on the market today. They are the first IR windows in the world to be awarded Lloyds Type approval and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) certificates. They are the only IR lens assembly able to pass the impact, load and flammability standards specified in IEEE and UL.

Our patented IR lens assemblies are waterproof, resistant to light acids and alkalis, and are unaffected by long term vibration or high frequency noise, thus making IRISS IR windows the idyllic product in its class available for the marine industry today. For more information on how IRISS IR windows can help you or if you have any questions, please contact